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(Guy Thomas)  2017

Got a glass half empty 
And a pocketful of picks and keys
And I'll take a page from the past
When I can't think of anything 
I got a high school high
And I'm almost 65 years old 
And I got no plan
But to kick the can down the road

So now no regrets
I'm saving the best for last
And I can't change the past at all
And I'm still singing the same ol' song
la la la la la la la la la

You're always trying 
To give me something I can't keep
And I fight like hell
Just to keep my intentions clean 
She said you know it's good to laugh 
Yeah, laugh a little at yourself (yourself)
And with a little patience
You might accept a little help

So now no regrets
I'm saving the best for last
Goodbye, goodbye that's all
We've had a couple good laughs
So come on, come on 
Let's go, help me up
I've been punked
And I've been down this road for too long  
And I don't think I can really stop 
Singing the same ol' song

Just go your way
And I'll go mine
It's gonna take some time
To do what I have to do